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As we start to open, we will develop relationships with institutions, businesses, clubs and sponsors. All will be linked and thanked here. If you would be interested in sponsoring the collection or would be interested in working with us, please get in touch.

This project wouldn't be possible without the donations of our supporters.

With special thanks for your generous support and donations:

William Porteous, Alison Child, Val McDermid

Kirsty Martin, David Jarratt , Paul & Sarah Stanger

Carol Wright, Christopher Wilson, Ben Dantzic ,Gill Scott

Wendy Chamberlain, John Black, Donald Malcolm, Douglas Kearney

Katie Kearney, Regina Fillange, Jeremy Doherty, Jonathan Ley, Jill and Brandon Ganch

Fiona Clarke, Jennifer Kearney, Amy Sansom, Adam Murray, John Barr,

Douglas Mackinnon, Jeff Baynham, David Dodds, peter lord, Vladimir Koychev, Tim Medley 

Paul Stoller, Sammy Lyttle, Karen Vaughan, Adrian Cullen, Kenneth Gray, George Pattison

Mark Caldwell, Stuart Bridges, Darren Constantine, Steve Liscoe, Dave Smith, Ross Bull

Rachel Nordstrom, David Kratt, Jeremy Baker, Andrew Shailer-Smith, Patrick Cicalo, Tina Troelsen

Alan Borthwick, Ian Wilkinson, Peter Black, Carl Hall, Sophy Ellwood, Bent René Synnevåg

Jeremy Fagan, Emily Norton, Fiona Williamson, Jenny Brownrigg, John Carr,

Cassandra Mittelmaier, David van Eyssen, Iben Cannon, Stuart Bridges, Julie McGregor

Barbara Gardner-Rowell, Omar Yassen 

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